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contemporary artist
& interior stylist


Mardi Busby


My instinctive eye for detail, and the possible creative inspirations that constantly presented themselves on a daily basis meant that creative vocations were a natural choice for me. Developing a passion for painting through the encouragement, guidance and mentoring of some well-known artists over a number of years enabled me to find the fulfillment and sense of freedom I was searching for. The styling of interiors came later where the hanging of finished artwork was just as important as creating it; where the composition of the surrounding space all interconnected. My understanding of the colour palette and tonal subtlties became an invaluable tool when styling the space. Having also completed study within the design field meant the two arenas merged seamlessly.

Always drawn to organic textures, colors and shapes that exude a natural palette, but also possess uncluttered, clean simple lines, has continuously influenced my approach to both painting and styling. Whether it’s with my abstract paintings where I incorporate these elements to convey something in a more fluid and loose style, my other painting methods where we find ourselves taking in a more recognisable image, or the choice of furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, I find these influences are constantly present.
With my realist oil paintings, and my portrait-like faces, my intention is to encourage others to notice the beauty that surrounds them. I find myself magnifying the scale, which in turn demands a physical interaction with the painting, with moments of working intimately with the surface, broken by moments of assessing the progress from a distance, making the larger than life images hard to ignore and adding impact to the space in which they reside.

This all takes place in my studio which is surrounded by nature. I love the solitude this space offers me. The stillness and calm, often in direct contrast to my constantly creative mind, enables me to relax into my work where time becomes irrelevant and my day begins.

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