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"Inspired by nature and its organic natural tones and textures."

Art and styling interiors are inexticably linked, both aestheically and emotionally. Art is fast becoming recognised as an essential component of a home and an important element in the creation of a scheme, providing the inspiration and feel within the space, and more often than not influencing the the colours, fabrics, finishes and style. 

Taking into account the character and style of a home, current trends in design and the latest colours are all factors that I consider when creating a painting or styling a space. But just as important is the emotional component that is experienced within that space, or the very personal feeling that can be felt when sitting back and taking in that piece of artwork and all its nuances. This is what I try to capture. 

Utilising my years of experience with paint, the vast range of colours, and most importantly an eye for the undertones within those colours, helps build a cohesive story that flows and sits well in the same space. By also being able to tap into the vast furniture and accessories supplier base that work specifically with decorators and designers, a beautiful space can become a reality. 

There are some essential elements to consider when styling and preparing a home for sale that are vital. By enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a property with a focus on attracting the right demographic can give the vendor a superior edge in a competitive market.

There Are No Boundaries in SItu_edited_e
coastal home with comfy linen sofas and natural stone fireplace
relaxed coastal dining area



Inspiration for my subject matter is varied, but the consistent thread is nature and the organic tones and textures it provides.


Whether I am painting for a contemporary home with clean simple lines, or a home with an electic mix of textures and materials, the styles I find myself drawn to work beautifully in both.

Each painting is carefully considered and the detail with all my styles are meticulously crafted until a desired outcome is achieved.



Evaluating a space to determine what is going to work in terms of proportion, scale and functionality is paramount.

Placement and groupings of furniture pieces have a huge impact on the flow and use of the space.

Style, colour palette, fabric, finish, size and quality all play and important role in creating YOUR style, which then becomes an inviting and easy space for you to enjoy.



Accessories enhance the furnishings by creating layers, and really assist in complementing the concept and style of the home.

Light fixtures, rugs, wall art, cushions, throws and decorative pieces such as vases, candle holders and a beautifully hand-woven basket can all have a huge impact on the entire space.

These design accessories complete and customise a space. The items can often become conversation pieces that can add a unique and authentic feel to a space. 

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