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"You begin with the possibilities of the material."


I initially approach each piece of artwork by carefully selecting the subject matter, playing with composition and then capturing the moment with photography. By using either my portrait or macro lens I am able to focus on the detail I am wanting to enhance, ensuring the composition is contemporary with clean simple lines. I then map out my composition on the canvas after which the process of gradually building up multiple layers using traditional methods and techniques in oils takes place. The use of glazes during this process enhances the depth of form, refining the finer details of the piece. Softly buffing a final layer of wax varnish to protect the work completes my experience in creating each of my paintings.

Paints, Mediums & Varnish

I prefer working with professional artists' grade, handmade oil paints, which are heavily loaded with pigment, and have outstanding colour strength, clarity and brilliance.


I then complete my artwork by applying a wax varnish which is softly buffed, creating an even, optical reflection with a low sheen finish. It enhances the appearance of the artwork, and assists in protecting the underlying painting from possible damage, discolouration, dust and dirt.

Stretcher Bars


The heavy duty stretcher bars that I use features a 38mm (1.5") deep profile with a slight rounded top edge. They are renowned for their optimum strength and are made from the best European re-forested timber; kiln dried, knot-free and finger spliced, making them a strong support for the canvas.



Creating my artwork includes stretching my own canvas with a premium quality heavy duty 12oz primed canvas. Before commencing my painting I like to add extra layers of primer providing an extra smooth finish on which to work. The primer also assists in isolating the support (canvas) from damaging ingredients in the paint preventing disintegration of the canvas.

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