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  • What materials do you use?
    I work mainly with oil-based mediums using the highest quality artist grade professional paint. Further details of other materials I like to use will be listed alongside the artwork, such as graphite or charcoal for example. I prefer working on canvas as my substrate, I love the texture and the feel it brings to my work. Depending on the particular artwork, some are custom framed and others are left to expose the detail on the sides of the artwork. All are ready to hang.
  • Do you do special commissions?
    At this time, I prefer not to. I find they limit the freedom to explore, I feel being open to the investigative process with a painting allows me the ability to resolve how I want it to feel, as well as addressing the design principles. This approach does not lean towards a planned outcome. Therefore, I prefer to offer something from my latest body of work that I have in my studio where you are able to choose something that is tangible and you connect with.
  • What if my favourite painting has sold?
    It happens! Some pieces sell very quickly. Make sure you join my mailing list to find out about new work before it is added to the Shop. You can also follow my studio progress on Instagram to see work coming up.

If you have a question regarding PURCHASING & SHIPPING click on the link. If you find you still have further questions please send an email to

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