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detail of oil painting
abstract artwork detail
abstract oil painting detail



I love working with a variety of subject matter, playing with the composition and taking each piece on a journey of exploration. This is where I can either embrace unpredictability, by exploring and testing the limits of possibility through abstraction, or where the finer detail of realism with multiple layers incorporating traditional methods can be employed. And then, sometimes, I land somewhere in between the two extremes, incorporating a recognisable form, but utilising some free and fluid movements.

It has taken many years of investigation, with not only the use of various paint mediums, but also the multitude of techniques and tools available to achieve the desired outcome. An instinctual approach to my creative expression means that my work is always evolving. By allowing the process to always be in a state of flux I am able to introduce new and exciting possibilities within this enquiry. Most of the time I am taken on a journey of enquiry, finding my way as I go, responding to the previous layers and applications, building up the piece until I have resolved how it feels, the message it is trying to convey, as well as addressing the main principles of design. More often than not this approach of not knowing creates a much stronger piece than if it was all mapped out. 



My instinctive eye for detail and the creative inspirations that constantly presented themselves on a daily basis meant that a creative vocation was a natural choice for me. Through the encouragement, guidance and mentoring from some well-known artists over a number of years I found that painting proved to be the most fulfilling offering me the ultimate freedom to express myself.

My involvement with styling interiors came later when requests for assistance with the placement and hanging of my artwork. Completing study within the design field it was clear the same design principles that are utilised in creating artwork also apply with styling.

Always drawn to organic textures, colours and shapes that exude a natural palette, but also possess uncluttered, clean simple lines, has continuously influenced my approach to both my painting and styling. Whether it’s with my abstract paintings where I incorporate these elements to convey something in a more fluid and loose style, my realistic painting method where we find ourselves taking in a more recognisable image, or the choice of furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, I find these influences are constantly present.

By responding to the intuitive nudges, asking the deeper questions, leaning in to my distinctive strengths, perspectives, and way of being in the world assists me in uncovering my authentic approach to my practice, which can be a rich source for my work and a real grounding for my art. 

This all takes place in my purpose built studio which is situated in Eltham, an outer area of Melbourne, where I am surrounded by nature. I love the inspiration and solitude this area offers.

Mardi Busby artist stylist
styling moodboard neutral fixtures and fittings
work in progress oil painting in the art studio
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