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Essential elements to consider when styling and preparing a home.

abstract artwork over side buffet


The most important aspect when choosing art is it needs to ‘feel’ right and speak to you. You often don’t know why you are drawn to a particular piece, but you know you have to have it!


Having painted for a for a number of years, my knowledge and understanding of colour and the subtle undertones within a painting, and the space in which the painting is being considered, can be very helpful when choosing the right artwork for your home. ​


Evaluating a painting on how it feels, what you are wanting it to convey, and its ability to complement the space within your home, are all important factors when creating your space.


The Tennis Club Portsea beach house living area


Considering a space to determine what is going to work in terms of proportion, scale and functionality is paramount.

Placement and groupings of furniture pieces have a huge impact on the flow and use of your space.

Style, colour palette, fabric, finish, size and quality all play and important role in creating your style, which then becomes an inviting and easy space for you to enjoy.

neutral vignette with pods and banksia leaves


Accessories enhance the furnishings by creating layers, and assist in complementing the concept and style of within your home.

Light fixtures, rugs, wall art, cushions, throws and decorative pieces such as vases, candle holders and a beautifully hand-woven basket can all have a huge impact on the entire space.

These design accessories complete and customise a space. The items can often become conversation pieces that can add a unique and authentic feel to a space. 

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