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The Ebb and Flow of Creativity

Updated: May 17, 2023

oil and bitumen abstract artwork

We all have different emotional cycles and aren’t meant to be in one emotional state all the time. That is human nature! I am currently finding this ebb and flow state showing up with my creativity within the studio of late. I am learning not to put pressure on myself and that it is okay to be away from the studio if I am not feeling very creative. Even the fear of wasting time when I’m actually in studio can also be counter productive with my creativity. Allowing myself to have these moments and not resist or judge them is still a work in progress. Time away from the easel and time away from my constantly creative thought process where I am fully immersed with life outside the studio actually encourages a better flow of ideas and creativity when I eventually do get back in there.

My awareness of this creative ebb and flow and the need to allow myself to surrender, release the anxiety that builds with a feeling of needing to be creative has improved immensely. I’m finding that by taking the pressure off can be such a relief, being patient with myself and letting it naturally resurface is OKAY!

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