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The Impact of Artwork

Updated: May 17, 2023

white grey monochrome sitting room artwork

Artwork can be a great way to express who we are, show some real personality and influence the feel of the space, it all depends on where we are hanging it and what we are trying to achieve or say. For instance, in a bedroom we might be wanting to create a sense of calm, where relaxation is the goal. An artist might achieve this with soft muted tones and the gentle blending transition of colours, where a restricted colour palette can create less contrast, or perhaps it has less contrast which automatically offers us what’s called a quieter conversation. All these elements lend themselves to an area where we want to create a restful, calming experience.

Whereas in contrast to this, a living or dining room we might want something more dynamic, or even be the talking point of the room. Size of the artwork is one way of achieving this, having something larger than life can have quite an impact on the room. Colour and subject matter are other ways in which you can create a focal point in the room. But maybe that isn’t your objective, and instead it is to pull all the elements in the room together with the artwork offering the starting or finishing point to the room. By this I mean, creating a room around your favourite artwork, pulling the colours and the style of the work and complementing it with the choice of furnishing and other ornaments within the space, or by finding that perfect artwork that finishes off the room and works with the style of room you have already created.

Sometimes you want your artwork to express and idea or thought, or take you back in time to a place or memory. This can be done with abstract artwork where a feeling of a place or time has been expressed, or it can also be shown in quite a realistic way. The study or home office is often a great place to share and express these meaningful, and possibly more personal moments of reflection.

Expressing yourself in and around your home through your artwork can be so diverse, depending on what it is you want to express, and also experience. Art has a way of saying so much without the spoken word. It creates an environment that says a lot about you and who you are.

Art is definitely an important part of our environment and actually has a bigger impact on how we think and feel than you realise.

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